About Gabby Palmieri – the girl who inspired Gabby's Gift

Written by Lyndsay, Domenic and Eva, Gabby's parents and sister.

Gabby was born with a rare genetic condition called Microvillus Inclusion Disease that affected the lining of her bowel and meant she was fed artificially from two weeks old. We were told when she was finally diagnosed that she would probably need to have a bowel transplant at some point in her future but they would keep her artificially fed for as long as possible.

After running into constant problems she was listed for an isolated small bowel transplant in November 2011. We surprisingly only had a four month wait and Gabby got her call in March 2012. We had great hopes of a new future but also were prepared for a rough year or more ahead. Unfortunately for Gabby she had a very rocky road to recovery and had a fair few complications but we soon learnt that this can be the case for many, post transplant.

After almost six months post transplant Gabby developed Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) that's a rare complication in bowel transplant patients. The Birmingham transplant team explained that they had only seen two other cases as bad as Gabby but no matter what treatment they gave her the disease was always one step ahead. She developed it so severely that the disease finally took over her little body and Gabby lost her brave fight on the 23rd October 2012.

She will always be remembered for her determination, bravery and love for life. And even though Gabby's life was far too short, she inspired everyone who met her, in some way big or small. She was an amazing daughter and loving sister to Eva. We miss her with all our hearts and feel honoured to have been her parents on this life-changing journey.

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