Package II - £799 (VAT not charged)

  • • we'll arrange the final flight at the drop zone of your choice, on a date agreed with you.
  • • we'll also arrange for one member of your party to accompany the final flight, and witness the release, as a tandem skydive.
  • • we'll work with you to really get to know the person the final flight is for.
  • • we'll prepare you ahead of the day on what to expect, and what to bring.
  • • we'll prepare the tandem skydiver ahead of the day on what to expect.
  • • we'll host you on the day, meeting you at the drop zone gates and staying with you at the observation area until you make your journey home.
  • • the tandem skydiver will receive a detailed safety and suitability briefing from a drop zone member of staff.
  • • the tandem skydiver will also receive a personal safety and suitability briefing from the qualified Tandem Instructor who they'll do the tandem with.
  • • we'll bring a sandwich lunch for the whole party as well as hot and cold drinks.
  • • we'll have up to four high magnification binoculars available for you and your party to watch the plane and skydivers exit (visibility permitting).
  • • our skydivers and the tandem skydiver will take the ashes up to 12,000 feet. The tandem skydiver will exit the plane first, followed by the Your Wings skydiver and cameraman. Once the group is stable and in formation for the tandem skydiver to have the best view, and the cameraman is in place, the ashes will be released onto the wind.
  • • we'll show you the raw footage of the final flight as soon as the skydivers have landed safely and checked back in with drop zone control.
  • • within fourteen days of the final flight, we'll send you a personalised and edited DVD of the final flight, set in a lovely presentation box, incorporating any home movie footage, pictures or music you want included.
  • • We’ll also send you a certificate of scattering, detailing the date, time and co-ordinates of the final flight, and signed by the lead skydiver and the drop zone controller.
  • • to find out more, or to book this final flight, call us on 0845 257 0377, or email us at
  • • learn more about tandem flights here.

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