Your Wings - Gabby's Gift

Part of our promise is that there is no fee for a child's final flight.

Instead, and in memory of a very special little girl, we make the gift of a final flight to any child whose wish was to fly, but couldn't before their death. And we call it Gabby's Gift.

Gabby was a beautiful 3 year old, and she was our best friends' daughter. She fought a life-limiting illness from the day she was born, and sadly she lost that fight on 23rd October 2012. Her death devastated us all, yet her life inspired us daily and taught us so much. She showed us the importance of hope, the importance of laughter, and the importance of dreams. These are not insignificant, intangible things. They are the backbone of any family fighting a poor prognosis. They give the family something practical to focus on; something positive in what is so often a hopeless situation.

So we give any child who has passed before their 16th birthday the gift of an Attended Final Flight. If that was their dream, we make that happen for them and their family.

If you have lost a child and would like more information about Gabby's Gift, please contact us and we'd be happy to share it with you.

Learn more about Gabby Palmieri, the little girl who taught us so much in such a short time.

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