Our Packages

A final flight is always unique to each individual, and no two final flights are ever the same. So to help you choose the right final flight, we've put together some packages to use as a guide. Before we get to those, we want to share our promise to you for every final flight we make happen.

We will:

  • • make sure every conversation we have with you is confidential and personal.
  • • take the time to understand every element of you, or your loved one’s wishes for the final flight.
  • • want to get to know the person whose ashes we are scattering by talking to you. Getting to know them matters to us because it matters to you.
  • • agree how to transport the ashes so you're confident they're treated well on their last journey.
  • • keep you well informed of progress as we organise the final flight, confirming dates, locations, and times as soon as possible. We'll also keep you up-to-date about the weather expectations in the week running up to the final flight, right up to the actual day.
  • • be with you during the final flight. If you choose not to be there in person, we'll keep you updated at each stage of the final flight.
  • • create a memorable DVD of the final flight using any photos or home movie clips you want us to include.
  • • never charge for a child's final flight.

Is 'Your Wings' right for you?

Things to consider when planning or choosing to scatter from the sky.