A typical final flight day

For a morning final flight

  • • Arrive at drop zone for about 9.30am.
  • • Met by a Your Wings host.
  • • Sign in at the gates, using your photo id if you've chosen a military drop zone for the final flight.
  • • Make your way over to the drop zone observation area. In cold or inclement weather we'll wait in the mess room.
  • • Meet the skydiver and cameraman, and entrust your loved ones ashes with us to place into the release pod.
  • • Get confirmation of flight and approximate time from control tower.
  • • Watch the team board the flight, the flight take off, and depending on cloud cover, watch the flight ascent. It normally takes between 10 and 15 minutes for the plane to climb to 12,000 feet. Your host will use this time to show you how the binoculars work.
  • • Your host will be listening for the change in engine pattern of the plane, which indicates it's slowed down to release the skydiver. If cloud cover is minimal, your host will direct you on where to look in the sky to see the plane. With good weather, your host will be able to point out which skydivers are the Your Wings team as they exit. With good visibility, you may be able to see the team hold formation as the ashes are released, and then break formation, separate and deploy their parachutes.
  • • The team will land, get back to the observation area and check in with the control tower. They will then come over immediately to debrief you about the successful release and show you the raw footage from the cameraman, on one of our laptops.
  • • When you're ready, your host will escort you from the drop zone to your vehicle or the drop zone gates where you're parked.
  • • The edited DVD of the final flight will arrive at your home, via recorded delivery, within fourteen days.
  • Take a look at our handy checklist for what you'll need to bring.

Is 'Your Wings' right for you?

Things to consider when planning or choosing to scatter from the sky.