What do we do?

Very simply, we take any volume of cremated human ashes on a final flight and we release them onto the breeze during a filmed skydive.

These skydives can be done across the UK, and we estimate the ashes are scattered across approximately 15 square miles. And strong winds will carry them further, so each final flight has the potential to reach far and wide across the British countryside. Some of the ash will stay up in the atmosphere for some time, becoming absorbed into the weather system and eventually returning to earth in rain. And we know that some ash will never touch the ground again as it will be carried on the upper winds. Have a look at our 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

And from the beginning to the end of each final flight, we make the experience as simple and as personal as possible. We believe a final flight should always be exactly what you want, and more importantly, what your loved one would have wanted. So wherever we can include any personal elements or a specific request, we will. For example you may want to personally witness the moment we give your loved one their wings, so we can arrange for you to jump a tandem skydive at the same time. Or, if you or your loved one is associated with the British Military, we can arrange a military scattering in conjunction with the Army Red Devils display team. Their ashes can be scattered in a choreographed jump with a team of service men and women. Or maybe you want to arrange an ariel ashes scatter, but not through a free-fall skydive? We can arrange to scatter ashes from aircraft over a specific landmark or location across the UK, depending on any Civil Aviation Authority or Airspace restrictions. It begins with you telling us what you would like, and we'll do whatever we can to make it happen.

Before the final flight
When you contact us, we want to know as much as possible about the person taking their final flight. And we want to understand what you want and how you feel about everything we discuss. The more we know about the person you're contacting us about, the more we can make the experience unique to them. After all, this is their final flight

We agree a date and location that's right for you and your family. You’ll let us know if you want a partial or full ashes scatter (we can scatter anything from a small amount to a full urn). And we'll also agree how to get the ashes to the drop zone. If you're coming to the final flight yourself, you would usually bring them with you. Yet some people prefer not to witness the final flight itself. Instead they entrust their loved ones ashes to us to scatter with respect and dignity. In this instance, we'll put you in contact with a courier business who specialise in carrying human remains, and they can arrange to collect the ashes securely, giving you confidence they're safe and being handled with care on their last journey.

All drop zones have staff and some members of the public around most of the day. And some drop zones are active military bases or barracks, with military personnel around. If you choose a drop zone that’s run by the military, you’ll need to bring a passport or photo identification for each person in your party. You can find out more about this at 'Where we do it' and we'll let you know exactly what you need once we've confirmed the booking.

All final flights depend on good weather conditions, which is completely out of our control. Generally, as long as there are no strong winds, and the parachutist can see the landing area through any cloud cover when they exit the plane, the final flight should happen. In the days and hours before the final flight, we keep a close eye on the weather and update you on the likely weather status on that day. If the weather is looking doubtful, we'll make a decision with you the day before, and rearrange to suit you. If the weather is good, we'll meet you at the UK drop zone you've chosen.

On the day of the final flight
When the day comes and if you've chosen to witness the scatter, you should plan to be at the dropzone for at least two to three hours, and longer if the weather is expected to be changeable.

When you arrive, we'll meet you at the gate and take you to the observation area. Once you're settled we'll take you through the steps of the final flight again. When you’re ready to entrust your loved ones ashes to us, we’ll transfer them to a secure container we call the ‘ashes release pod’. This is a container we’ve designed that safe to use during a skydive and conforms with Civil Aviation Authorities rules. If you prefer to transfer your loved ones ashes into the ashes release pod yourself, that’s fine. We’ll send one to you well in advance of the final flight, and you just need to bring it with you, with ashes already transferred, on the day.

You’ll meet the skydivers who are taking the ashes on the final flight. Generally this will be a lead-skydiver and a camera-skydiver, both of whom are highly experienced with thousands of jumps between them, and who consider it an honour to be involved with any final flight. Our cameramen have two video cameras attached to their helmets during any jump. This is a moment you will never want to lose, so to guard against one failing we will always have a back-up camera.

Depending on the weather and any cloud cover, you can watch the skydivers board the plane with the ashes, take off and ascend to around 12,000 feet. We'll share our high magnification binoculars with you so you can see as much of the skydive as possible from the ground. At about 10,000 feet the ashes will be released from the special ashes release pod attached to the lead skydiver. Once the ashes have been scattered onto the wind you'll then watch the skydivers descend, land and come back to the control tower.

And as soon as the skydivers are safely on the ground and checked in with the control tower, you can see the raw footage of the final flight on a laptop screen. If you've chosen not to be there in person, you’ll let us know what updates you want as the scatter progresses. We can text or call you at each stage, whichever you prefer, including the moment of release.

After the final flight
Every final flight is captured on video from the moment of take off to the moment of landing. Within fourteen days of the final flight, we'll edit the material into a personalised DVD for you, and we'll include any clips from favourite home movies or family photos you've given us. And we'll cut the video using your choice of music; you just need to let us know what it is.

Take a look at a typical final flight day here which includes a handy checklist of what you'll need to bring.

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Things to consider when planning or choosing to scatter from the sky.